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Wig Care - Heat Friendly Synthetic

Heat Friendly Synthetic Wig Care

It is recommended to use professional grade heat styling tools with digital temperature settings to control heat. Heat friendly wigs combine the easy wearability of synthetic hair wigs with the flexible styling of human hair wigs. You can blow dry, flat iron, crimp and curl heat friendly wigs just like you would natural human hair. These wigs capture the natural sheen and glossy touch of healthy human hair.

Curling Heat Friendly Wigs

  • Using a wide tooth comb, gently comb hair free of tangles.

  • Heat the curling iron to 130-140 degrees Celsius.

  • Take a 1"-1.5" section of hair (smaller section = tighter curl, large section = looser curl).

  • Spray a heat treat thermal spray on the section to protect the hair fibers.

  • Gather hair into curling iron, smooth through to the ends, roll up towards base of iron.

  • Hold for 10-15 seconds, turn the tip of iron towards the ground, release curl into palm of hand.

  • Holding curl in one hand, gather up towards base and clip the hair with a hair clip.

  • Allow curl to cool completely (about 5-10 minutes), remove the clip and allow the curl to hang naturally.

  • Hair can be combed (use fingers for best results) to blend curl.

Straightening Heat Friendly Wigs

  • Using a wide tooth comb, comb hair free of tangles.

  • Heat a straightening iron to 130-140 degrees Celsius.

  • Spray a heat treat thermal spray on the section to protect the hair fibers.

  • Take a 1"-1.5" section, starting at least 2 inches away from base, slowly smooth straightening iron down towards ends.

  • Keep the hair smooth with the wide tooth comb, following behind with the straightening iron.

  • Allow the hair to hang naturally to cool.

Caring for Heat Friendly Wigs

  • Gently comb through any tangles using a wide tooth comb.

  • Fill sink with cool water and emulsify a cap full of synthetic wig shampoo on to the wig.

  • Gently wash the wig taking care not to tangle, trying to keep the hair travelling in the same direction.

  • Rinse thoroughly with cool water and gently shake out any excess water.

  • Towel blot wig cap material and hair, apply a conditioning spray and comb through.

  • Air drying the wig tends to give the best results, but you can blow dry gently.

Styling Tips for Heat Friendly Wigs

  • Only use a wide tooth comb when styling or detangling hair.

  • Only use products that are especially designed for synthetic wigs.

  • Heat friendly wig fibers can withstand heat tools up to 170 degrees Celsius, however we recommend between 130-140 degrees Celsius

  • Air drying your wig instead of blow drying can help maintain the integrity of the hair fiber.