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Wigs - Buyers Beware

Wig Scams

We typically like to keep things lighthearted here at Easi Wigs, but we’ve been struggling with an issue that also impacts you, the customer. We want to make sure we get this information out there so that you can make informed choices and be sure that you are getting quality products for your hard-earned money.

What is a counterfeit wig?

It has come to our attention that there are online companies who are stealing our and reputable wig manufacturers’ images, producing counterfeit wigs based on these styles, and tricking customers into believing that they are getting something other than what they really paid for. These companies pose as legitimate wig retailers and often adopt names similar to ours to give the illusion that they are legitimate, as well.

These counterfeit wig companies are based in China, and the products they turn out are made of low quality materials with shoddy workmanship. They are typically made from photographs of our products, the same photographs they put up on their websites to have you believe you’re getting a quality wig... so the specifications are not exact, and the measurements are imprecise, at best. It’s not uncommon for them to post fake reviews on their sites, in order to give the illusion of customer satisfaction. In reality, those who purchase these wigs get something completely different than what they thought they ordered. Many complaints we’ve been told about have mentioned not just that the colour and fit are nothing like what was pictured online, but that the wigs started to fall apart after having only been worn once or twice.

Because these companies are located in China, the wigs often take several weeks to arrive, and getting them to accept a return is basically impossible. If they do agree to refund your money, they will most likely require that you pay the shipping fees to return the counterfeit product. As you will be sending it all the way back to China, this can be incredibly costly... often more than what you paid for the wig in the first place.

How to recognise a counterfeit

When you’re browsing through a website’s collection of wigs, do the prices seem almost too good to be true? Then they probably are. We understand that sometimes it’s just not possible to spend top dollars for a quality wig or hair piece, but cheap prices will almost never get you a wig worth wearing.

Is it nearly impossible to find contact information, a mailing address (usually a P.O Box) or a legitimate phone number (usually toll free numbers) for the company? Reputable sites will not make it difficult for you to get in contact with them and will always have images displayed of their retail shop to prove authenticity.

If you’re on a reputable wig retailer’s site, they will provide detailed information about the wig and will name the manufacturer. If you see a photograph of a celebrity but the name of the wig is “Deep Brown Curly Fashion Woman’s Short Wig”…it’s counterfeit.

This issue is problematic, not just because counterfeiters are stealing images and styles to make a quick dollar for themselves, but because they are taking advantage of people who are often at a very vulnerable time in their lives. We want to make sure you have the information necessary to make safe, informed choices when it comes to your looks and how you spend your money. This is why Easi Wigs only sells genuine products from the world's most reputable wig manufacturers and our prices are aligned with worldwide minimum retail practises.

The internet is a big place. Be sure to do your research, and shop wisely!