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Lace Front / Monofilament Wigs

Envy Lace Front Monofilament Wigs

Lace Front / Monofilament Wigs by Envy... if you’re a have it all kind of woman, then you’re going to love this collection of wigs. By combining the best of both worlds (lace & monofilament), this wig collection offers everything you want... and more!

The natural looking hairline of this exclusive lace front design lets you sweep the hair back from your face whilst the monofilament top design creates the look of a natural scalp. For styling versatility - you can part the hair and even create a look of side swept bangs. The wig cap is as soft and breathable, so even with the most sensitive scalp, you can wear each style from the early morning to late at night.

NOTE: Due to a large inventory, if the colour selected is not in stock we will notify you and estimated delivery time is 5-7 business days.

Brianna - Envy Wigs Chloe - Envy Wigs Bobbi - Envy Wigs Brittaney - Envy Wigs
Brianna - Envy Wigs
Price $374.95
Chloe - Envy Wigs
Price $359.95
Bobbi - Envy Wigs
Price $324.95
Micki - Envy Wigs Delaney - Envy Wigs Eve - Envy Wigs Rylee - Envy Wigs
Micki - Envy Wigs
Price $344.95
Delaney - Envy Wigs
Price $344.95
Eve - Envy Wigs
Price $349.95
Rylee - Envy Wigs
Price $325.00
Angie - Envy Wigs Coco - Envy Wigs Tina - Envy Wigs Brooke - Envy Wigs
Angie - Envy Wigs
Price $344.95
Coco - Envy Wigs
Price $359.95
Tina - Envy Wigs
Price $324.95
Brooke - Envy Wigs
Price $344.95
Sheena - Envy Wigs Taylor - Envy Wigs Jeannie - Envy Wigs
Sheena - Envy Wigs
Price $344.95
Taylor - Envy Wigs
Price $344.95
Jeannie - Envy Wigs
Price $324.95
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