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Noriko - Latest Styles

Noriko Latest Styles

The latest styles / new releases from the Noriko wig collection ensures the highest quality for every women, since they produce wigs for almost every age group and in an array of many different styles. These wigs range from classic to the most modern and fashionable pieces.

The Noriko name has always been associated with excellent craftsmanship. The Noriko wig collection is designed with exceptionally durable and long lasting synthetic hair fibers. The quality materials used in Noriko wigs will not only extend the life of the wig, but it augments their authenticity. Deceptively natural looking, these high-end synthetic wigs offer some of the best value on the market today.

NOTE: Due to a large inventory, if the colour selected is not in stock we will notify you and estimated delivery time is 5-7 business days.

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